In 2011 we introduced fine artists as respondents to our work. Fred Hatt (, Ira Joel Haber, Deryl Day and Alejandro Paz joined students in process and gave us another perspective on the affect of our work in the world.

The act of drawing, like dancing or making music, is a highly focused form of movement in time. The expressive power of drawing is all about rhythm and flow, feeling and modulation. So I have been drawn to try to capture the qualities of movement through drawing, and to explore drawing itself as a performance art.

There is no reason an image must confine itself to depicting a frozen moment in time, and being framed and hung on a wall doesn’t begin to exhaust the possibilities for sharing visual art.

Ira Joel Haber

Ira Joel Haber was born and lives in Brooklyn New York. He is a sculptor, painter, book dealer and teacher. His work was seen in numerous group shows in the USA and Europe and he has had nine, one man shows including several retrospectives of his sculpture.

His work is in the collections of New York University, The Guggenheim Museum, The Hirshhorn Museum & The Albright-Knox Art Gallery. His paintings, drawings and collages have been published in many on line and print magazines including Rock Heals, Otoliths, Winamop, Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks, Barfing Frog, The Raving Dove, Foliate Oak, Siren, Prose Toad, Triplopia, Thieves Jargon, Opium, Dirt, The Centrifugal Eye, the DMQ Review, Broadsided, Hotmetalpress, Double Dare Press, Events Quarterly,Unlikely Stories, Coupremine,Cerebration,Chick Flicks, Softblow Eclectica Magazine Backwards City Review,Right Hand Pointing, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Brew City Magazine, Fiction Attic, Blue Print Review, Ellipsis,The Indelible Kitchen, Cricket, Entelechy, So To Speak, Taj Mahal Review, The Fifteen Project, The Externalist, Why Vandalism, Mungbeing Magazine, Lamination Colony, Paradigm, Lily, Literary Fever, and Glassfire Magazine.

Over the years he has received three National Endowments For The Arts Fellowships, two Pollock-Krasner grants and most recently in 2004 received The Adolph Gottlieb Foundation grant. Currently he teaches art at the United Federation of Teachers Retiree Program in Brooklyn.


"A transition into a normal life has been difficult for Alejandro Paz. For the early part of his life, he was raised by a pack of feral dogs within the heart of Newark, NJ.
His dog parents didn't want him to struggle in his adult life, so they sent him off to receive the education that a normal, human boy should receive.

Alejandro eventually settled into a life of art and animal science, where his imagination is allowed to roam as free as his canine guardians had dreamed of.

He is now the proud owner of Theros, a brand where the sequential art and clothing meet. He has also created the comic, Wilder Than Moonlight, and has provided the art for a sold out anthology comic called Low Concept.

Due to his early life, his art contains a visceral style akin to his animalistic instincts.

There isn't a day that goes by that Alejandro doesn't dream of howling again with his former hound companions."


I was born on July 3 1948 in either alameda or oakland ca, I'm not sure which.

I graduated from 12 yrs of public education thanks in no small part to mr. rodreguize, who agreed to give me a d instead of an f, if I would drop his spanish class.

My formal art training was supplied to me in ms. myers (who was at the time known as miss myers) 7th grade art class. The latest manifestation of my practice started in 1990.

For work, money, I have been painting houses and bldgs since 1967.

I find creative expression to be one of the two great things that we as humans can do. The other being the ability and desire to love and care for others.

It's truly an honor and a privilege to be invited to share in this experience at the intensive. I shall do my best to stay out of the way and allow some art to enter the shared reality. Thank you for the opportunity.



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